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Pneumatic Ball Valve

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LYV pneumatic ball valve Parameter (Specification)

Product Name: pneumatic ball valve Product model: Q641F

Drive mode: pneumatic, manual, turbine connection mode: flange, thread, welding, clamping

Structure: O type,V type seal structure: soft seal, hard seal

Pressure range: 1.6MPa-6.4MPa Nominal diameter: DN15-200

Commonly used materials: WCB, stainless steel nameplate: male brand

LYV pneumatic ball valve Feature And Application

1, gear type double piston, small size.

2, cylinder selection of aluminum gold material, light weight, beautiful appearance.

3. Manual operation mechanism can be installed at the top and bottom.

4, rack type connection can adjust the opening Angle, rated flow.

5, the actuator can choose live signal feedback instruction and all kinds of accessories to realize automatic operation.

6. IS05211 standard connection provides convenience for the installation and replacement of products.

7, both ends of the adjustable screw can make the standard product in 0° and 90° have a ±4° adjustable range. Ensure synchronization with valve.

Stainless steel pneumatic ball valve attachment option

The following attachments can be selected according to different controls and requirements:

Cut off accessories: single electric control solenoid valve, double electric control solenoid valve, limit switch return device.

Regulator accessories: electrical positioner, pneumatic positioner, electrical converter.

Air source treatment accessories: air filter reducing valve, air source treatment triplet.

Manual mechanism: HVSD manual operation mechanism

Stainless steel pneumatic ball valve implementation standard

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